Dear friends,

I am pleased to announce a new anthology, Confluence is released as of April 2023. It has been a year-long endeavor. I am Tri-Editor of the anthology along with Todd Boyd and Suzanne Caruthers. This book contains poetry, short fiction, CN fiction and songs from my Thursday writing group that started meeting on Zoom during the Pandemic. Here is the link! Book Launches to follow so, stay tuned.

Here is the link to Confluence Here is the link to our new book, Confluence

I am pleased to announce

My new book cover!

I am pleased to announce my new book of poetry, book, Fruit Box Castles: Poems From a Peach Rancher’s Daughter is available from Finishing Line Press.  Thank you all who supported the pre-order of my book. Additional copies are available here or by contacting me through this website.

Thank you again for your support!

Join me at my next Zoom book launch Hosted by June Comarsh, Stockton Writer’s Club Feb. 13, 202, Noon TBA
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Other books available:

Blooming in Winter

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Jennifer O’Neill Pickering is a literary and visual artist. Her short stories and poetry are published in print, audio and online across the country. Some of these include The Arlington Literary Journal, Pendust Radio, Voices: An Offering of Fruit, The Dog with the Old Soul, Raven’s Perch, Restore and Restory: A Peoples History of the Cache Creek Nature Preserve.
Artemisia, a historical prose poem was published in the 2022 winter issue of Copperfield Review Quarterly Magazine. I Am the Creek, her poem was, selected for the site-specific sculpture, Open Circle an art in public places project in Sacramento, CA. Jennifer’s latest poetry book, Fruit Box Castles: Poems from a Peach Rancher’s Daughter is available from Finishing Line Press.   She is a Pushcart Nominee for Poetry and a finalist in the New Women’s Voices Chapbook Competition. She taught art in college and other public and private settings, including a homeless shelter. Her art design which includes poetry was selected for a public art project in front of the Central Library in Sacramento in 2021.