Visual Art

Welcome to my art page. Here I am sharing my newest art form, encaustic. The art form was used by the Egyptians and later the Greeks and is 4,000 years old. Encaustic uses bees wax and damar resin which after heated is painted on a substrate. I use cradle boards to paint the medium on. Colors are achieved by adding pigment to the medium which is heated up. After painting on each layer the encaustic paint needs to cool and dry and to seal. Then the layer it is heated up again. You lay color down and shape images, create textures, mix colors using a heat gun or torch. I like the surprise factor of encaustic which is reminiscent of the way water colors surprise me with their fluidity. Which I love.

This is a sample encaustic landscape.

View From the Villa, 6″x 6″ 200.00

Next, is a sample of an encaustic laser transfer. There are two main types of transfers: charcoal and laser.

The process is as follows for the laser transfer below.

After laying down the ground of encaustic medium on a cradle board, that has been heated and cooled. You lay day another smooth layer of color. I am using white. When the layer is still warm, but not hot press your transfer face down onto the surface of the encaustic layer and burnish (rub evenly) for about 10 minutes ( you can check to see if your efforts are leaving a transfer longer is usually better!). Then, you spray the surface with water and gently rub to remove the paper. Note: when you writer words on you transfers you need to mirror the words using photoshop so they are backwards on your print out.

Five Poe’s Crows Take a Stroll, encaustic laser transfer, 5”5” 175.00